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Team H

...Is to learn more about the paranormal and unexplained by studying, researching and investigation. Be it spiritual, hauntings, psychic abilities, cryptids, UFO's, and many more besides, Team H is looking forward to opening the secrets of the mysteries that surround us, with open minds, compassionate hearts and a crazy sense of humor.

Currently residing in Wisconsin, together we have visited many supposedly haunted locations across the US and EU. With eight investigations conducted in the last two years alone, we have been able to capture a few exciting anomalies to document.

The fascination for all things spooky, macabre and the weird have been with us both since childhood, not to mention our own personal supernatural encounters that have affected us at an early age, reinforcing this passion even more.

We are also fans of all things horror related and we love to visit locations associated with films, T.V. and literature that fit this vein (pardon the pun) as well as real life horror stories such as infamous murderers/cults and historic events, battles or tragedies.

This hobby slowly became an obsession, so this website was created to document all of our adventures and to share our stories, findings and thoughts. Come join us on what is one big sp00ky ride.

Matt and Elizabeth ~ Team H

Team H Ghost Adventures

As a child, my parents’ house was exorcised by a Catholic priest. Ever since, I have had paranormal activity in my life. For years I tuned out from it, but have now renewed my interest to understand the experiences better. My audio degree also comes in handy to help isolate EVPs.


The guy who always has a camera in hand just waiting for that moment to happen! Usually pointing it the wrong way when something does! Always seeking a rational answer beforehand to confirm a paranormal event has indeed occurred. Also a huge fan of the works of H.P. Lovecraft.


Team H have a varied array of equipment for use in our paranormal investigations. Listed below is our current inventory.

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