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Over the years Team H have visited many and varied locations that fall into the strange, weird, and macabre category. Everything from the ghostly and paranormal, horrible historical happenings and events, to horror fiction from films and books!

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Paranormal Investigations

Ghosts, cryptids, UFO's... if it's paranormal, unexplained, or out of this world, Team H are always eager to find out more.

We have investigated many haunted properties over the years, including three of the top ten in the U.S.A. These being the Lizzie Borden House, Conjuring House and Sallie House. More...

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Historical Happenings

Battles, infamous murderers/gangsters, and tragedies, the bizarre, unexplained and paranormal.

Everything around us has a story to tell. The next time you walk past that old house or graveyard, maybe research into it, you may find out more than you expected! More...

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Fictional (Film/TV/Radio)

Ah, it's always nice to spend a night indoors popping popcorn and watching a scary movie. Do you like scary movies?


Well, like Ghostface, we at Team H certainly do too, but what we also like to do is track down and visit the filming locations and see where it all took place. More...

Fictional (Books/Art)

Nothing beats a good scary story to read on a

dark and stormy night! From Lovecrafts Cosmic Horror to Poes Gothic macabre tales.


But what brings these stories to life even more is visiting the locations where the authors drew their inspiration from, and the places associated with them. More...


Alternatively, you can view all the places we have visited on the pin map below.

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