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Updated: Jun 1, 2023

We just listened to the owners, Corey and Jennifer, explain why they are putting the house up for sale. They're exhausted. They've been ripped off by contractors repeatedly and they are perpetually plagued by trespassers to a point they're afraid of a serious altercation.

This wonderful family bought this home just to open it up to the public. They are also paranormal investigators and wanted to share the home with the rest of us. They don't want this to turn into another parody "historical attraction" with actors and cheesy costumes. They will only sell if the new owner keeps it open as a true paranormal experience.

Please, if you're tempted to go selfie at their doorstep, DON'T! They have big dogs and they are sick of people threatening their safety and their property. And more importantly if you or anyone you know is a contractor that can help them, please reach out to them. As a team who has had the honor of staying in that house and meeting the owner, we can say without a doubt they are amazing people and deserve respect and assistance.

Jennifer and Corey address all their followers via Facebook Live

The property listing on

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