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Updated: Jun 1, 2023

So, one of our nearest and dearest family members captured this strange anomaly whilst taking a photo of their fireplace. Matt's brother Russell had been in contact with a chimney sweep as the chimney needs a clean before the winter months set in. He was told to send a picture of the fireplace so the sweep could see what he would be dealing with. You can only imagine Russell's surprise when he captured what seems to be a white funnel floating up into the air in front of him. In the paranormal world these kinds of captured images are called funnel ghosts.

After chatting trying to de-bunk the phenomena, nothing we could think of could replicate the picture again. Exposure or lighting wasn't an issue, the camera was on his phone and had no strap that could mistakenly get in the shot either. He did not even use the flash and the fireplace seems to be lit up.

"I’m not messing, this is genuinely a bit odd innit? Even the colour difference between the two. My flash is turned off. It’s like whatever was picked up is illuminating the fireplace."

Below are photo's in which he took afterwards to try and replicate the funnel, one without flash and the other with.

"I've got no idea! Our house is 122 years old and the fireplace is original, it was blocked for 50 or so years, then we knocked it back in two years ago."

The house in which he lives is an old Victorian terrace, so it oozes history. What those walls must have seen and experienced over the years is anyones guess? This is something he is now going to investigate further with a vigil, and using some recording equipment is on the cards when the room is not being occupied. We shall keep you posted on any developments.

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