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Updated: Jun 1

It may only be April, but Team H have already planned their Halloween well in advance! We are thrilled to announce we have booked none other than the infamous Sallie House for an overnight investigation on the spookiest night of the year!

Located in Atchison, KS, The Sallie House sits on every list of the top ten most haunted homes in America and has been investigated by all the big names in the biz.

The rumor mill says the house got it's name from a young girl who died in the house of an emergency appendix surgery in the late 1800's. However, researchers having found no documentation of such an event, are convinced there is actually no ghost named Sallie in the home, but rather a malevolent entity presenting as a child to disarm unsuspecting visitors. The house is notorious for scratching and bruising guests and poltergeist activity of moving items and triggering tech devices.

We're so excited to tackle another location that most casual hunters avoid and on Halloween for our anniversary nonetheless! We may scream "we're not in Kansas anymore!" but we're ready!

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