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Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Team H have another exciting, historic, and ghostly adventure put together this month. We shall be staying at the historic Colonial Inn in Concord, MA. which is rated in the top 25 historic haunted hotels of America, and was at the forefront of the American Revolutionary War.

The hotel originally existed as three separate buildings, with the earliest portion constructed by Captain James Minot in 1716. The middle portion of the inn functioned as a military storehouse. The storehouse itself was part of a much larger armory that American militiamen had initially organized for their own self-defense against the Indigenous Tribes. By the mid 1770's relations between Great Britain and the Massachusetts colonists started to become openly hostile, and the British Governor of Massachusetts', General Thomas Gage, decided that the munitions were a threat. Gage commissioned a column of British soldiers to march from Boston to seize the weapons, but the Minutemen met them at the North Bridge on April 19th for what became the first battle of the American Revolution.

At the time of the battle, a descendant of Captain Minot, Dr. Timothy Minot Jr., lived and worked on the western side of today’s inn, which is now home to the Liberty Restaurant. He subsequently turned his home into a makeshift field hospital to care for the wounded American militiamen and used the current Liberty Room as the hospital’s main triage center, with 'Room 24' serving as his operating room, whilst 'Room 27' functioned as the morgue.

Of course, we have booked the most notorious room to stay in on our investigation, room 24. One can only imagine the pain and suffering the injured militia men would have endured here, and no doubt some deaths would have occurred. It makes sense that some these experiences and emotions have been recorded into the walls and surrounding environment. Guests that have stayed in this room have reported strange sensations, flickering lights, shadowy figures, and mysterious closing doors.

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