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A couple of miles up the road from the Smallpox Cemetery you can find the Diphtheria Cemetery. It originated to help prevent the spread of diphtheria during an epidemic during the late 1870's. The graves can be found in a wooded area that is up on an embankment. The site is in a moderately good condition and trinkets have been left on some of the grave markers. Just like the Smallpox Cemetery nearby, the sense of peace and tranquility was also abundant here, the spot chosen to help isolate the spread of infection.


The Billerbeck Stone

Joseph Billerbeck (father)

Aug 24,1824--Sept 28, 1894

Opposite side

Sarah A Billerbeck (wife of Joseph)

Apr 27,1885-July 16,1887

Poem on the side of the monument reads:

Dearest Mother thou hast left us

Here thy loss we deeply feel

But is God who has bereft us

He can all our sorrows feel.


The Myrtle Mae Green Stone

Died: 20 Jan 1879 - Age 1 yr, 9 mo, 12 days

Parents: A.B. & G.R. Green


The Emily Hoisington Stone

Died: 30 Nov 1878 - Age 13 yr, 7 days

Parents: Hosie & Marina Hoisington


The Loran Langley Stone

Died: 11 Aug 1886

Parents: C.L. & L.M. Langley


The John P. D. and Henry E Monroe Stone

John P.D. Died: 20 Nov 1878 - Age 3 yr, 13 days

Henry E Died: 7 Jul 1878 - Age 1 yr, 2 days

Parents: O.E. & M.A. Monroe


Unknown Markers

A news article from the Badger State Banner of Jackson County dated on November 22, 1878 mentions the deaths of Henry Green's children. It seems possible that these unnamed gravestones are those of his children.

Last Sunday Henry Green, of Garden Valley, this county, an old comrade of ours in the army, had four children lying dead in his house, three of them dying that day and one the day before. This makes five children he has lost with that dread disease –diphtheria—within three weeks. Our old friend is very unfortunate, and is entitled to the sympathy of all in his great affliction. The dreaded disease is all around us, and may reach this place in a short time. Whenever it appears among the children no time should be lost in sending for a physician. It is disease that needs immediate and skillful treatment. ~ Badger State Banner of Jackson County, November 22, 1878

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