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Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Team H not only have a love for all things paranormal, horror films/literature, the bizarre and downright strange, but they are also DJ's, concert promoters, and have performed in various bands over the years. This came in handy when they jumped into action with their promotion company, Goth-Ick/ unscene, to help save one of New England's most loved(craftian) organizations.

The Lovecraft Arts and Sciences Council, which is a registered non-profit charity, has been a big part of Providence, RI for many years but due to the obstacles presented by the Covid-19 pandemic back in 2020, they faced a grave threat to the organization. With the blessing from council member Niels Hobbs, we put together and produced a charity compilation to help Put the Stars Right Again with an array of bands and artists that have a love for all things weird and eldritch.

The Lovecraft Arts and Sciences Council do so much for the horror literature and artist community and the city of Providence as a whole, bringing money and tourism into the area with their events, especially the bi-yearly NecronomiCon convention which brings thousands of people in attendance.

In total 31 tracks were donated from artists all over the world, mainly from the Goth/Industrial scene. My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, FINAL (Godflesh side project), Attrition, Y-LUK-O, The Gothsicles are a few of the names that took part. The music aspect took shape over the course of a few months and all the bands/artists have done an awesome job. Their enthusiasm and passion for this project was immense and we cannot thank all those involved enough.

The album was released on Tigersquark Records and the mastering was done by Robert Galbraith of Component Recordings and Snowbeasts fame.

The cover artwork was kindly donated to us from none other than the award winning artist Jason Eckhardt. Jason is a well known in the Lovecraft circles and has great acclaim for publishers such as Necronomicon Press, Hippocampus Press as well as many others. He has also done work for Chaosium RPG, was a guest artist for Narragansett Brewery's Innsmouth Olde Ale, and has also released a number of books alongside the great late Sam Gafford, one being a graphic novel titled Some Notes on a Nonentity: The Life of H.P. Lovecraft.

The cover depicts The Arcade where the Lovecraft Arts & Sciences is located in Providence, RI and Jason has truly captured the theme of the album title beautifully.

The album was set to pre-order prior to the release date of March 21, 2021. Within a couple of weeks of the album being released, over $1000 was raised, a total which continues to climb as sales are made periodically, where ALL proceeds go direct to The Lovecraft Arts & Sciences Council where it is needed!

From everyone that was involved, we would like to send our heartfelt thanks to all those that have purchased the Putting the Stars Right charity compilation so far. It has been totally awesome to see such a huge response and support for this project. Watching the total grow in money raised is just so heartwarming. But not just the money raising either, but seeing the project being shared on social media, online radio stations plugging and playing the tracks and articles on eZines, this too is just mind blowing, seeing people come together so passionately for a great cause. We also did an interview with Brian Graupner on his music podcast, Space Couch, to help promote the album.

Packed with exclusive tracks and remixes made specifically for the compilation, the album is available via Bandcamp, iTunes or Spotify. Click the links below and take a listen. We dare you to help align the stars by unleashing this tentacled monster of an album on your sound system!

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