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Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Join us as we host our first GHOST HUNT in our haunted property, THE HUMBIRD Hotel Bar & Grill!

On Halloween the veil between the real and spiritual world is lifted, so it’s the perfect time for us to bring the residents of the past and the living together!

Team H have spent years ghost hunting some of the most notorious paranormal locations in the country and are excited to put THE HUMBIRD on the map!

This is a ticket only event and limited to 12 people! So make sure you get yours to avoid disappointment.

DATE: October 31, 2023

TIME: 7pm until 12am

PRICE: $50

Tickets LIMITED to 12 ONLY!

The evening will include the following, with breaks in between to use restrooms and recoup:

  • 7-8pm – Meet and Greet with complimentary food and drink. The event will start at 7pm sharp, so please make sure that you arrive at least 15 minutes before the start time.

  • An introduction to the history of THE HUMBIRD and stories from our paranormal team regarding their experiences throughout the years in places like the Lizzie Borden House, The Conjuring House, The Sallie House, Trans-Alleghany Asylum and more!

  • 8-9pm – A tour of the property led by longtime employee and friend of The HUMBIRD Hotel Bar & Grill, Sue Zecherle! She will share her many paranormal experiences while guiding you through the different levels of the property. Followed by a hands-on introduction to ghost hunting equipment, best practices and techniques.

  • 9-11pm – THE HUNT! You will be split into groups of six to hunt four different locations in THE HUMBIRD: 1) North Wing Suites, 2) South Wing Rooms, 3) The Bar, 4) The Basement. 30 minutes in each location.

  • 11pm – Midnight – Recap and review. What did you experience.

  • Before leaving all attendees will be given a gift bag and have a chance to win ghost hunting gear!

Important information:

  • Please note, ghost hunting is a physical activity and can be risky depending on the person. As such we must restrict this event to 12 people only. You must be in a physical condition to climb stairs, stand and/or sit for long periods, and be able to be silent.

  • We ask that anyone experiencing heart conditions or other serious medical limitations, pregnant women in their last trimester, and children under the age of twelve, do not attend.

  • Children ages 13-17 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

  • All attendees will be required to sign liability waivers and we reserve the right to eject anyone causing a disruption to the event. If at any point in the evening you are deemed to be in a condition that is not safe to hunt, you will be asked to leave.

  • No refunds will be given to any individual who disrupts the event, cannot attend for some reason or is in a physical or mental condition not suited for Ghost Hunting.

  • If you arrive at the event in a drunk or inebriated state, you will also not be able to attend. These are general rules and guidelines that every haunted property maintains in order for all attendees to have the safest experience.

  • Any attendees who have Ghost Hunting equipment many bring in their own to use and recordings/photography is encouraged.

  • No Ouija Boards.

  • No smoking, saging, smudging, incense or candle burning inside the property.

  • No attempts to pass spirits.

  • Again, tickets are limited to ONLY TWELVE and must be purchased in advance. No walk-in attendees will be allowed into the event.

  • Tickets will go live Friday October 13th and will be on a first come, first serve basis only. No ticket holds or reservations prior to sale will be honored.

We look forward to hosting another GHOST HUNT of THE HUMBIRD on Thanksgiving weekend and can’t wait to get SPOOKY with you!


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