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Warner Brothers announced last month that production on the Beetlejuice sequel was in the works. So, this must explain the construction going on in the sleepy town of East Corinth, VT, the location where the first movie was filmed.

Apparently the locals are keeping hush, including those at the Town Hall offices due to signing non-disclosure agreements. But, despite no confirmation all the signs are there that this is going ahead, and we at Team H are so happy to see the original town being featured for the return.

Back in November, 2021 Team H took a trip up to East Corinth to see where this classic comedy horror was filmed. The general store was a shell and in total disrepair, so it's a delight to see that it is finally being restored to it's former glory.

Building is also being done on the hill where the original Maitland house once stood, so it looks like a replica is making an appearance again. And apparently the red covered bridge is also being reconstructed, although a little bigger than before due to the bridge being widened to double lanes since.

On our 2021 visit here we happened to have a chance encounter with Wade Pierson who is the vice president of the Northeast Slopes ski area. When he saw us with cameras in hand he pulled over in his car to ask us "Find everything?". He instantly knew what we were doing and he was so helpful in giving us more insight and stories regards the movie and the locations used. He said that he and a group are responsible for putting up the pictures of the movie stills at the locations around the town, and that they have more plans for the future in helping people enjoy all things Beetlejuice when they come to visit. We would like to thank Wade for taking the time to stop and being so friendly and helpful, and we really hope that this Beetlejuice sequel will bring more tourism to the town.

For more info and photo's of our Team H visit to East Corinth, click here.

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